Safe Spill

High-quality, safe and sustainable Spill Containment Solutions.

Manufactured in long-lasting GRP and
Guaranteed for 10 years.

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Safe Spill - High-quality, safe and sustainable Spill Containment Solutions 

High-quality, safe and sustainable Spill Containment Solutions


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Delivering high-quality Spill Containment Solutions across the UK for over 25 years. Safe, simple, and environmentally conscious.



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Endeavour to protect everyone and the environment from dangerous spills & leaks 

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Manufacture in the UK with ongoing R&D to reduce our impact on the planet

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Support our team, local employment, our community and exceptional UK businesses

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Supply a diverse range of high-quality spill containment products within weeks, not months

If you deal with corrosive chemicals and pollutants, a spill can be extremely costly to your business. Reduce the risk with Safe Spill high quality, cost-effective and sustainable spill containment. We've been manufacturing in the UK for over 25 years' and are proud to offer unbeatable quality, great customer service and delivery throughout the country.
We understand the impact our industry has on the environment and have made numerous steps to reduce our carbon output, allowing us to pass this on to our customers. Our products can be manufactured with a specialist eco-resin derived from recycled plastic bottles. In every drum we use, 1,800 bottles are diverted from landfill and our oceans.
We've developed our IBC Bunds and Drum Bund ranges in direct response to the latest storage regulations – so they'll keep you fully compliant and safe.

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